Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy Care and Chiropractic Treatments for Expecting Mothers.

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Why Pregnancy Care?

Maintaining spinal alignment can ease a women’s discomfort during pregnancy, and often helps avoid a caesarean delivery. Chiropractic Treatment can also help preserve a woman’s strength, flexibility, and coordination, all of which will speed a new mom’s recovery after delivery. 

Why Exodus Health Center?

Our Chiropractors at Exodus Health Center are trained to care for women throughout a pregnancy. Physical medicine care during pregnancy benefits both mother and child. As the woman undergoes changes to accommodate the baby’s development, stress is placed throughout the body. Chiropractor Brentwood

Pregnancy Care Can Help Treat


Pelvic Shifts


Severe Back Pain


Muscle Pain


Muscle Spasms


Sleep Issues



Chiropractic and Pregnancy Care

Chiropractic care is maintenance of the spinal column, discs and related nerves without drugs or surgery. It involves the art and science of adjusting misaligned joints of the body, especially of the spine, which reduces stress and therefore promotes health throughout the body. Chiropractic care during pregnancy can provide many benefits for women who are pregnant:

  • Maintaining a healthier pregnancy
  • Controlling nausea
  • Reduced labor and delivery time
  • Relief for back, neck or joint pain
  • Cesarean Delivery Prevention


Areas of Stress

As the body undergoes changes to accommodate the baby’s development, stress is placed on the body’s musculoskeletal system:

  • Pelvic shifts
  • Postural changes
  • Protruding abdomen
  • Spinal curvature
  • Stressed joints
  • Fatigued muscles


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chiropractic Care Safe During Pregnancy?

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Chiropractic care is typically a safe and effective practice during pregnancy. Routine Chiropractic Care can help manage pain in your back, hips, and joints, as well as establish pelvic balance. This provides your baby with as much space as possible throughout the course of your pregnancy.

How Often Should I Get Treated While Pregnant?

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Women should typically see a Chiropractor once a month during the first trimester, and then every two or three weeks until the last month of pregnancy or so. After pregnancy, once a week when any discomforts occur.

Can a Chiropractor Induce Labor?

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Yes, Chiropractic Care increases the odds of having a natural birth experience. It relaxes the floor of the pelvis and returns it to balanced alignment.

Can a Chiropractor Hurt My Unborn Baby?

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There’s no research to suggest chiropractic care presents health risks to a pregnant woman or her fetus. Chiropractic treatment is an option to treat pain. It is taken as a better alternative for pregnant women because many pain medications could adversely affect their baby.

How Far Along in Pregnancy Should I Seek Care?

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The earlier you prepare, the better your body for pregnancy. There’s no limit to how early on you can start chiropractic care. This form of care can benefit even women who start as late as 39 weeks.

What About Massage During Pregnancy?

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Some say that the greatest benefit of prenatal massage may be the drug-free pain relief regular massage can offer. Our doctor may suggest you include massage, physical therapy, home exercises, nutritional counseling and other wellness services as part of your plan throughout pregnancy.

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