Are you tired of dealing with Chronic Hip Pain?

Finally, there is a new, 21st Century Advanced Hip Treatment that works!

If you’re suffering from chronic hip pain, we have a NEW, non-invasive, non-surgical, ONE-treatment solution that is providing hip pain sufferers with long-lasting relief! This cutting edge treatment is helping our patients find relief and get back to the activities they love!

Suffer NO MORE and avoid surgery! Do you experience radiating hip pain and problems, such as:


Hip immobility


Sacroiliac joint dysfunction


 Iliotibial Band tendonitis


Arthritis / Osteoarthritis


Unresolved pain from past injury

Maybe some of these sound familiar…

  • Restless, sleepless, and painful nights – It’s hard to find a good position, and even harder to stay asleep through the throbbing pain. Hello again, 2:00 a.m..
  • Limited physical activities – Before your hip pain, you would join loved ones for outings and activities. Now you sit from the sidelines watching.
  • Diminished work productivity – Whether an office job or one where you’re on your feet, chronic hip pain can make it difficult to preform at your best.
  • Letting your partner down – Not being able to have the lifestyle you once had together.

How many of these treatments have you tried?

  • Pain Medications – Yes, medication helped for a little while, but the pain always came back. With the danger of possibly needing a stronger dose.
  • Stretches and Exercise – Sometimes the damage or injury is just too great for exercise and stretching alone. It helps lessen the pain, but it’s still there.
  • Hot / Cold Treatments – Great for your minor bumps and bruises, and finding some relief from your pain. Unfortunately it just doesn’t get you through the day.
  • Even Surgery – Maybe you’re one of the many who have tried surgery as a last resort, only to find your pain (and sometimes more) is still there.

Are you like one of our many patients who just want to find a treatment that actually helps repair the damage, instead of just putting a bandaid on the symptoms?

There is finally a solution with Stem Cell Therapy!

So here’s the quick breakdown on why Stem Cell Therapy has been so effective in relieving chronic hip pain.


Fast Acting Relief – Most patients experience relief from their pain after one treatment of Stem Cell Therapy, and feel continuing relief as the body works to heal itself.


Long Lasting Healing – Stem Cell Therapy brings powerful healing cells to the damaged or injured area. Then the cells start to multiply, bringing you healing that continues long after the treatment.


Safe and Gentle Therapy – The chances for reaction towards this treatment are very low for most individuals. Patients also experience less downtime then surgery and other invasive treatments, and don’t need to come into the office for as many visits.

Would you like to learn more about this breakthrough, life changing therapy, and find out if it’s a good fit for your particular hip pain?



Waking up in the morning, energized and pain-free, excited about the day.


Getting back to all of your favorite activities and pursuits; pain free, without limitations.


Being able to once again enjoy all that life has to offer, free from pain and lack of mobility.

So what is Stem Cell Therapy and how can it help your hip pain?

Stem Cell Therapy is where we tell a group of cells where to go and what to do. These types of cells are already present in your body, and are young “pre-programmed” cells. When these cells are placed into an area of your body that needs help healing, the cells start to mature into cells that can help repair the injury and damage of that area. Stem Cell Therapy makes use of these cells to reduce inflammation for quick pain relief, and then works to start repairing the desired area.

For Hip Pain Sufferers, we can take these cells and tell them to start repairing the damage of the hip. When administered in the body, the cells will start to regenerate, or multiply, into more healing cells. Think of it like a kick starter to get your body into top healing performance! For most people, they will feel immediate relief from their hip pain, and will notice continued improvements in pain reduction, mobility, and range of motion following the treatment.

The wonderful thing about Stem Cell Therapy is that it’s being found to be a safer and more effective pain relief treatment than harsh prescription medications and surgeries. This therapy doesn’t just put a band-aid on the problem and walk away, it encourages Your Own Body to start healing.

So, are you ready to get started and sign up for your Hip Pain Relief Consultation?

At Exodus Health Center, we work at bringing the most advanced, non-surgical hip pain relief treatments to our patients. We can walk you through the different treatment options, and advise you on a recommended hip therapy program built for your particular needs.

Read on to learn about a few of our top preforming hip pain relief treatments!



Stem Cell Therapy is an innovative, highly advanced treatment that takes advantage of the body’s ability to repair itself; restoring degenerated tissue while providing substantial pain relief.

As natural anti-inflammatories, regenerative cells act similarly to cortisone and steroid injections, but without the associated risks and side effects.

Additionally, Stem Cell Therapy contains hyaluronic acid which act as a lubricant for worn and damaged joints while encouraging new, healthy cartilage tissue growth.

Most importantly, the treatment has been proven exceptionally safe.

The end result is reduced or eliminated pain, healthier joint tissue, increased mobility, and the ability to once again engage in all of your favorites activities; vibrant, healthy, and pain-free!



Cold laser Deep Tissue Laser Therapy uses laser at a low level wavelength to revitalize the damaged cells, reduce inflammation and pain, and strengthen your body’s own healing processes.

Just as plants use light and photosynthesis to create energy for cell growth, your body uses the laser light in a similar way and transforms it into healing energy that triggers rejuvenation in damaged cells.

The process is completely painless and non-invasive. Numerous studies have demonstrated that cold laser therapy is highly effective for the treatment of various hip related conditions.



The third critical aspect is our highly successful customized physical rehabilitation program. Our skilled physical therapists, modern equipment and state-of-the-art facilities are at your service. Together, we will assist you on your journey back to long-lasting healing and a pain-free, fully mobile life.

Imagine: No More Pain and Freedom to Do the Activities You Love! Why suffer any longer?

If you are troubled by debilitating hip pain or stiffness, then you could benefit from this revolutionary type of pain relief. Find out if you are a candidate for success with this treatment and get your FREE HIP PAIN EVALUATION.

 We Will Organize Your Free Hip Pain Evaluation Screening Without Delay. There is NO Obligation. We Will Answer All of Your Questions and Look Forward to Helping You Regain Your Pain-Free Mobility!