What is a Tension Headache?

A Tension Headache is a mild to moderate pain often described as feeling like a tight band around the head much like the band of a baseball cap. The main symptom is pain on both sides of the head that may be associated with muscle pain.

Factors that Cause Tension Headaches

There are a few common causes for tension headaches. If you are experiencing any of these, check out out Chiropractic Section to set up a consultation.

  •  Stress
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Incorrect Posture

Common Types of a Tension Headache

Some types of tension headaches are known as Episodic tension headaches and Chronic tension headaches. An Episodic Tension headache can last from 30 min to a week. A Chronic tension headache can last part of a day to most days per week. When one is experiencing either of these types of headaches the person will want to seek relief quickly. Some professional help is typically a first thought and the person will have two options. Do they want to mask the symptom of the tension headache or will they want to treat to correct the cause of the tension headache so they become headache free?

Those two options are valid for the goals the person Is wanting to achieve. For example taking a pain pill will mask the symptom of the pain, while seeking chiropractic care will not only remove the symptom, it will also correct the cause of the headache by correcting the spine where the nerves are being affected.

How to Relieve a Tension Headache

Treatments include pain relievers and other medications which are symptom relief. Correcting the cause of the tension headache is done by chiropractic care.  Educating on Stress reduction, ice or heat on sore neck muscles, strengthen of specific postural muscles, and good posture also may help with tension headaches.

Home relief tips for helping Tension headaches would be the use of ice/heat, hot shower on the neck muscles, stretching of the neck and even an otc pain reliever. Some people will try calming techniques like meditation for 30 minutes to help with the anxiety of the stress induced situation.

With such a digital age in today’s world if you have a smart phone or a computer then you fall into the “will I suffer from text neck”. This can lead to serious issues down the road such as spinal stenosis, pre-mature disc degeneration and of course chronic tension headaches. The cause of the problem is the anterior head carriage that has developed due to the lifestyle of looking down the majority of your day. The main exercise to help Tension headaches is called the chin tuck. Put your hands behind your head and push your head straight back slightly tucking your chin so that is parallel to the ground. Hold this for 30 seconds at a time and repeat 5-10 times throughout the day.

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I’m hoping you enjoyed this blog and you have found it helpful to your health and longevity. For a some common questions about tension headaches check out this article.